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New Champion - D4rk, the Sneaky Hacker

New Champion - D4rk, the Sneaky Hacker


Life: 547 (+104 P / Level)
Regeneration of Life: 5.8 (+0.8 P / Level)
Mana: 510 (+ 45 P / Level)
Mana Regeneration: 7 (+0.45 P / Level)
Attack Damage: 78 (+2.2 P / Level)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+ 2% P / Level)
Armor: 34 (+2.1 PN)
Magical Resistance: 34 (+1 P / Level)
Movement Speed: 338


D4rk is a normal human with a wristband that makes it capable of creating and controlling holograms and holographic keyboards. Around him find and several holograms and while channeling his skills, in front of him is created a hologram keyboard where he types! PS: He would be kind of gloomy and so, because he acts in the shadows ... Anyway.


Piltover, that's where my legend begins!
I had a rich life, my parents, they always gave me ... Because of this, many, who did not even know me, considered me a snob and so they did not make friends ... I hated it!
On a rainy dark day, me and my only 2 friends saw in a holo-video report that criminals who robbed a bank and were caught, we knew it was unwise, but we decided to try it!
I was great at computing and programming and they, they were smart and fast.
Our first assault was to a small bank, without a very advanced security system, for me, hacking it was too easy, I caused a blackout, I deactivated the cameras and opened the safe, they went in and out loaded with money, money. enough so we could invest in Hacking and Invading ... We bought better computers, better programs, better viruses.
We have repeated this so many times that it has become an addiction, we have already been approached by the Piltover police, who, even with all their technical precision, was not a parachute to my abilities ...
We continue to invade ... NGOs, comparisons, governments! It was exciting but everything good is short and unfortunately, due to my mistake ... We were noticed. & Nbsp;
They had been captured and I, who acted in the shadows, determined to free them at any cost!
It was easy for me to hack the prison, I caused a blackout, I opened the cells and they tried to escape but they were assassinated in the attempt.
I was cold, so I decided to go to Summoners Rift, to continue developing my skills so that one day, I will be so experienced, that I can "relive" them.
I will continue to act in the shadows ... Who is D4rk? You will never know! Bye!


Passive - Shadow Module
Every 6 basic attacks of D4rk, the next one will paralyze the enemy by 0.5 seconds

Q - Turning Off
D4rk selects a target (compulsorily an enemy champion or an enemy tower) and after a second of channeling, he hacks and turns off the target!
* If the target is an enemy champion, all his abilities went into cool down for 1.5 seconds.
* If the target is a tower, it will stop working for 3 seconds.
Cool down: 8/7/6/5/4 sec.
Mana: 85/95/105/115/125

W - Enabling Escape Module
D4rk launches a small device (in a selected area) and if within 5 seconds the ability is re-enabled, it teleports from the device
Cool down: 10 / 9.5 / 9 / 8.5 / 8 sec.
Mana: 50/65/80/95/110

E - Hacked Optical Globes
D4rk hacks the eye system of all enemies, who stop seeing it for 10 seconds (ie invisible for 10 seconds). While invisible, your speed is increased by 30%, if D4rk causes or receives damage, it will be revealed!
Cool down: 20/19/18/17/16 sec.
Mana: 70/80/90/110/120

R - Temporary Hacker
D4rk hackea A target area and all allies that die there will be revived with 40/50/60% of their maximum life.
Cool down: 105/95/85
Mana: 150/160/170


Hacking is not a hobby, it's a profession!
I usually act in the shadows.
I'm hacking you.
See you back there.
Where am I?
Look for me and fail miserably.
Start a better hacker than me? I doubt it!
Piltover is not my home!
In the sights of my virus.
Nobody catches me.
Tic tic tuc tschiu
Turning you off.
Turning off your tower.
D4rk is not my name! & Nbsp;
Who am I? You will never know.
That was close.
Hacking system!

* FOR A VI *
Where's the best cop in the world now?
Are not you finding me? Will not!
What is this behind you? & Nbsp;

I like your methods!
We should ally ourselves!
Crime is my middle name!